Beetle Fight Ganbatte!


Beetle Fight Ganbatte! is a two player strategy board game currently designed for computer, but will be released to Android and iOS. Each player has five pieces in play and take turns moving their pieces on the board, similar to chess. The goal of the game is to score more points than your opponent. At the end of every 5th round points are scored for both players based on the number of pieces they have adjacent to trees.

Play the Game! (requires two players)

Genre: Tactics/Strategy

Development Time: 8 months

Development Team Size: 3

Development Role: Gameplay Programmer

Key Features I Delivered:

  1. Architecture and Extendable Structure for Beetles –  Quickly able to take base beetles class and create new custom beetle. Defined exactly what methods need to be implemented.
  2. Drafting System for Beetles- Generation of beetle choices, saving beetle data for player, and transferring data between scenes.
  3. Movement and Action System for Beetles- Managing gamestate for Beetles that can and cannot be pushed, stunned, tickled, or moved.
  4. How to Play Tutorial – Node based system for which elements should be intractable, what state should progress the tutorial, and text displayed to the user.
  5. Google Play Services Sign-In- Currently only available in mobile testing. Still in development. Used for tracking user data between play sessions, primarily for analytics of beetles chosen, win/lose rate, and individual match data.

Additional Credit:

  1. Lead Design – Kenny Katayama
  2. Gameplay Programming – Glenn Briones

Additional Resources:

  • Code Repository: Available upon request