Zaladin’s Last Stand


Zaladin’s Last Stand is a single player shmup where the player has 4 different types of primary fire than can only be used on certain types of enemies. The game is played as an inverse of traditional shmups, where the player progresses through the level to get to the boss. Instead, the player starts with the boss on the screen and needs to destroy the boss before they reach the end of the level.

Development Time: 4 weeks

Development Team Size: 6

Development Role: Gameplay Programmer

Key Features I Delivered:

1) All boss mechanics and design including phases, movement, weapons, transitions, visual effects, and AI.

Additional Credit:

  1. Art –Zhehui Qian
  2. Graphical Effects – Sam Willis
  3. Gameplay Programming – Akshay Rachapudi
  4. Gameplay Programming – Austin Willoughby
  5. Gameplay Programming – David Foxworthy

Additional Resources: