Echo Tactics


Echo Tactics is a single player tactics game inspired by X-COM, Advanced Wars, and Fire Emblem. Control your units to collect all the gate pieces and escape from the dimension you are trapped in. Portals and rifts have been opened between your world and a dark world, and you can travel between the two worlds using these portals. Every friendly unit also has a special ability that can be used on a cool down for a certain number of rounds to help escape.

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Genre: Tactics/Strategy

Development Time: 3 months

Development Team Size: 4

Development Role: Gameplay Programmer, Producer, Level Design

Key Features I Delivered:

  1. Intractable objects: Gate Pieces, Traps, and Dimensional Holes. The player needs to collect gate pieces to exit a level. Traps will stop enemies from moving even if they are mid way through their movement phase. Dimensional holes are the portals players use to travel between the two worlds.
  2. Player Field of View Calculation. This is which tiles should be revealed and which ones should not. This was interesting because the playing field is a normal 2d grid, except the players can also see through portals.
  3. Player abilities: Heal and Trap. One of the player characters can heal other characters, another can leave a trap on the ground to stop enemies.
  4. All Level Design. The game has three levels: I prototyped, playtested, and tweaked all three with different people until I was satisfied. Each one focuses on different enemies and requires different strategies to beat.

Additional Credit:

  1. Lead Design/Lead Artist – Jon Pulsipher
  2. Gameplay Programming – Akshay Rachapudi
  3. Gameplay Programming – Rahul Madhyan