Moon Mining Madness


Developed in a 31 hour game jam, Moon Mining Madness is a fast paced Action Arcade game. You must be the first player to smash enough asteroids into the moon as it orbits around the territory you control on Earth by catching them with your tether. The game supports 2-3 players in local multiplayer and has X-Box controller support and keyboard support. The game jam theme was “Burrowing” and was hosted by me.

Play the Game! (should be played with 2-3 players but can see core gameplay with 1)

Genre: Action/Arcade

Development Time: 31 hours

Development Team Size: 3

Development Role: Gameplay Programmer, Producer

Key Features I Delivered:

  1. Asteroid Spawning Algorithm
  2. Player and Object Looping on Map Perimeter.
  3. Asteroid Physics and Drag.
  4. Controller Capabilities.
  5. Initial Idea Brainstorming.

Additional Credit:

  1. Lead Design/Lead Art – Jon Pulsipher
  2. Gameplay Programming – Akshay Rachapudi

Additional Resources: