Mytholympics is a 2D local couch multiplayer party game focused around minigames with varying team sizes and configurations. Greek gods battle in a variety of challenges to prove they are the most mighty among their peers. Players gain points for each win until they cross the necessary threshold to win. Each minigame can support anywhere from 2-4 players in any team configuration giving each minigame a high degree of replay-ability based on the current teams.

Mytholympics is the Graduate Capstone Project of ZAAN Games in the Game Design and Development MS program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. ZAAN Games is Zhehui Qian, Akshay Rachapudi, Austin Willoughby, and myself.


Genre: Action/Party

Development Time: 6 months

Development Team Size: 4

Development Role: Gameplay Programmer/Producer

Key Features I Delivered:

  1. Minigame Creation- Ship Smash, Pizza Party, and Grapple Hoops.
  2. Custom Controller Registration – A tool for other programmers and players. Allows the players to join in any order of controller select irregardless of what controller number Unity believes they are.
  3. Cross Game Data Management – Some of the data needs to be shared between the metagame and minigames, such as which player is what character and the current team configurations. I created the system for sharing this data between the different games and fetching it in useful ways.

Additional Credit:

  1. Lead Artist –Zhehui Qian
  2. Gameplay Programming – Akshay Rachapudi
  3. Gameplay Programming/Sound Design – Austin Willoughby

Additional Resources: